Onze grootse overwinning is niet dat we nooit falen, maar dat telkens als we struikelen we weer opstaan.

Confucius, filosoof, 551 v Chr - 479 v Chr
Purple Belt, interim diensten

Het succes bij ... Thales Cryogenics

Tony joined my Operations team to support the challenging growth of Thales Cryogenics BV.
As a consultant he very quickly gathered the trust of the team and worked consistently to improve the supply chain and the engineering department. I really enjoyed working with Tony.
He is an excellent people manager, who removes problems very quickly. He generates trust very quickly which results in a willingness to change and personal development.

Tony is a real innovator, especially on people and organizational level.
And last but not least: Results are always delivered.
Thanks for your help in our growth phase!!

Tabe Aardema,

Operations Manager

6 maart 2013